Food and Body Freedom

Certified Health Coach & Intuitive Eating Counsellor

Food and Body Freedom


My Approach

Hi! I’m Krista, a Certified Health Coach and Intuitive Eating Counsellor. My mission is to help women find their own food and body freedom through practicing intuitive eating, an approach to food and eating that gives us permission to let go of the rules, fear, and guilt that so many of us struggle with. I help women like you learn to accept your body as it is now, and as it inevitably changes throughout each phase of your life.

Why I do This Work

I’m a former elementary school teacher, and began dieting and exploring fitness after having my two kids, which led to a career change as a personal trainer and online health and fitness coach. After several years in this field, I found myself struggling with disordered eating, poor body image, and weight-cycling, and knew I had to make a change. I began learning about intuitive eating, the Health at Every Size approach, and eventually became certified to help other women heal from chronic dieting, leave diet culture behind, and find food and body freedom.



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